Breaking stereotypes by art

There are different stereotypes about Las Vegas in which people believe, though they’ve never been to the city:

  • Everybody is rich here.
  • Almost every woman works as a showgirl.
  • All the Vegans are gamblers.
  • The young must party all the time and they don’t want to study.
  • The weather’s always warm in our desert town.

While the last statement can be a topic for discussion, other myths sound offensive. In my defense I can say that I don’t even know how to play poker. I prefer to earn money simply doing my job. Each member of my family knows that money just doesn’t drop from the sky! Young people understand that education is vital, otherwise they will stay unemployed. As in any American city, there are entire school districts in Las Vegas. One of my friends attended local Academy of Arts and you know what? She performs on Broadway! My social circle doesn’t include people who work on the Strip, so if you’re not interested in this business, nobody will force you.
The image of Vegas in art isn’t diverse, to my mind. So I was very happy to buy an original painting by Leonid Afremov. It attracted my attention because it differed from boring and samey cityscapes depicting tall buildings and ads, ads and tall buildings. I’d say that Leonid made my city look romantic! Do you remember how everything gets quiet after the rain? This is it! Imagine a peaceful alley, lined with palm-trees and adorned with the colors of sunset. Would you like to stroll along it, breathing in the evening air and enjoying the view? To paint the sky, Afremov used a vivid palette of hues, applying orange, pink and dark blue strokes on canvas. A magical mixture which I couldn’t resist! I purchased the piece of art in a few clicks. The only thing that tried to stop me was my indecision. As it was my first acquaintance with Leonid’s virtual gallery, of course, I had doubts about its reliability. But, fortunately, it turned out that Afremov had nothing to do with fraudulence! The service and delivery were on high level! (You bet! Delivery is free). And speaking about the work itself… unbelievable colors! I hung the picture in the office to have a minute of relaxation during a lunch break. This is exactly the Las Vegas I live in – decent and beautiful! Thanks, Leonid!




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