The cultural side of Vegas

When I get tired of noise and neon lights, I visit The Smith Center for the Performing Arts. It’s situated in a downtown district of Las Vegas called Symphony Park. To my surprise, the Center was named after two largest benefactors – Mary and Fred. Fred was the chairman of the foundation that donated $150 million for realization of the project. And I thought the building belongs to a British singer Sam Smith! Oh, that last name is too popular! According to the information I read here, the architecture of the center was designed by David M. Schwarz. He’s the author of numerous details in Art Deco style: a winged sculpture in the Center lobby, a flower theme in select places of the building, Indiana limestone for the façade. I also like a 17-story tower which contains 47 cast brass bells. They ring over 4 octaves! Speaking about the quality of sound in general, it’s amazing and it seems that you’re in a different reality. That’s because the architect, together with audio design firm Akustiks, took care about installing high tech sound enhancing features. Actually, the main hall is double soundproofed against outside noises. So if you’re looking for a quiet place to stay and enjoy a performance, welcome!


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